The story of the castle is simple, the King's son, Tristen, is sent to a kingdom to sign a peace treaty. But while on his way the Prince becomes kidnapped by a mysterious man. Back home at King Phillipe's castle things are underway for a tournament of games in celebration of this treaty. Prince Tristen's father and wife are your hosts to a show of games and sword fights.


The meals that they offer are not complex:


Regular Meal: Chicken, Tomato Soup, Pork Rib, Potato, Garlic Bread, and Apple Pastry


 **Vegetarian: Portabella Mushroom, grilled vegetables, rice pilaf, humus, pita chips, garlic bread, and Tomato soup


**There are at least 5 different kosher meals: Pot Roast, Fish, Chicken, Turkey, and Salisbury Steak


 All meals come with TWO rounds of Pepsi or Unsweetened Ice Tea.


** If you are in need of a specialty meal or a change in meal please mention at time of purchase, also let your surf or wench (server) know.


Not included in the price:


-Items from the Gift Shop


-Photographs from the castle photographers


-Bar Drinks (do not worry there are bar surfs and bar wenches walking around during the show to take and bring you your orders)


- Tips


- Silverware (in Medieval Times Silverware was not invented so you do have to eat with your hands- no they do not make you eat rice and humus with your hands)


For more details you can always check the website:


Purchase tickets: online, at the box office, and through the call center 1-888-WE-JOUST, please specify which castle you wish to attend. Be on the look out for the various promotions that the castle has.